ArxTips – Chest

ArxTips – Chest

ArxTips – Chest

The possession of a deep, thickly muscled chest is one of the hallmarks of a championship bodybuilding physique. Bodybuilders, in particular beginners, pay a great deal of attention to this region of the body not only because it responds rather quickly to regular training but also, when fully developed, imparts the look of power and muscular impressiveness to the whole physique. What I’d like to do is to point out how you can perform these moves more efficiently and suggest some alternatives.

First, watch individuals performing these exercises, it is one of the best ways to analyze technique. Now, while watching these individuals do incline presses with a bar or with dumbbells, do their elbows go back towards their head away from their bodies? Of course they do, and that’s the wrong technique. That way of doing inclines putts undue stress on the entire shoulder area.

Keep doing that type of technique and you’ll find yourself with serious shoulder problems. The trouble is many lifters extend the elbows way too far out to the sides performing inclines in an effective manner. Another flaw many lifters practice when they incline is they raise their butt off the bench, in essence, making the incline press a flat press.

For proper arm movement and technique your arms should be in a 45-degree angle tucked to the sides. This technique places more emphasis on the pec and triceps muscles rather then the shoulder joint. Place your arms in the same manner when doing bar or dumbbell incline presses. At first, your strength will be a little down that’s only because you changed your technique and you are not used to the proper movement yet. Keep working at this technique.

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