What’s important!? Anyone who takes up any form of exercise has heard it’s important to focus. But, what does this mean, exactly? Essentially, you want to forget all your troubles once you enter the gym, start running, or hiking.

First, you will feel better once you’ve left the gym, because even taking one second off your daily issues can help you overcome them more easily. Equally important is if you are dialed into your workout, you will get better results. You have to micromanage your workout, so if you are doing pull-ups for example, you want to make every one count. Focus on your form, the way your arms and back are tensing and you will feel your exercise progressing. Once you’re done with one set, think about improvements and how you’ll do your next set even better.

The reason why some never achieve any physical fitness results is due to their lack of focus and little connection between their mind and their muscles. You have to “be into it” if you want to achieve results. This doesn’t mean if you are feeling down and distracted you shouldn’t do any exercises. Perhaps, you will find yourself focused as soon as you enter the gym. Our brains are trained to respond to the environment. A suggestion is you always workout in a habitual way. As soon as you find yourself in familiar pattern, the brain tells itself – OK, rest time is over, time to tighten those gears and focus.

Additionally, you should set some long term goals to measure your progress. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t fulfill every goal you set for yourself. Think small steps lead to big gains!

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