Roc Diet – Tone Up and Build Lean Muscle

Roc Diet – Tone Up and Build Lean Muscle

Roc Diet – Tone Up and Build Lean Muscle

This diet plan is a perfect jump start for any individual looking to tone up while building lean muscle. When starting any new diet / workout program always make sure to take at least 2 days off a week for muscle recovery.

Basic Food Source Guide

Basic Food Guide - AurumRX

Protein is the most important Macro nutrient when working out. It helps with muscle repair and fuels your body with important amino acids for function. Protein is also important for body fat reduction.


•    Chicken
•    Steak
•    Tuna Fish
•    Black Beans
•    Kidney Beans
•    Whey Isolate
•    Lentils
•    Greek Yogurt
•    Quinoa
•    Egg Whites
•    Salmon

Greens are my personal favorite, in fact they are the most important food group in supplying our body’s micro nutrients. Your body will be fueled with vitamin c, vitamin a, calcium, beta carotene and other antioxidants.


•    Kale
•    Bok Choy
•    Cabbage
•    Spring Mix
•    Black Kale (Dinosaur Kale)
•    Broccoli
•    Spinach
•    Sweet Potato
•    Split Peas
•    Arugula
•    Salad Mix

Fats are important for transporting fat soluble vitamins throughout our bodies while supplying us with energy. Important meal to have before working out to fuel the muscles.


•    Hemp
•    Olive Oil
•    Peanut Butter
•    Almond Butter
•    Coconut Oil (Great for Cooking)
•    Eggs with Yolk

Carbs fuel our muscles with glycogen and supplies us with stored energy that our body could use in the future as energy. Important for proper blood sugar.


•    Oatmeal
•    Pasta
•    Quinoa
•    Buckwheat
•    Rolled Oats
•    Sweet Potatoes
•    White Potatoes
•    Fruits (Most Fruits are best taken before working out)
•    Orange Juice (Loaded with carbs and easy to drink. Best consumed about an hour before working out)

The Diet Plan
Diet plan for someone new to eating more often

Meal Plan - AurumRX

1 Cup of egg white
1 Apple or banana
1 Cup of oatmeal

2 Tablespoons
Peanut butter
1 Apple

1 Can of tuna
2 Cups greens (Choose from the list provided)

Snack  (Pre Workout Meal)
1 Bag of quest chips
1 Cup of OJ or a fruit smoothie

Post Workout
2 Scoops of whey isolate
12 Oz. of water
Half of a banana

6 Oz. of fish
2 Cups of greens (Choose from the list provided)

Late night snack (Last Meal)
1 Cup of Greek yogurt
1 Scoop of hemp protein

Basic Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Running - AurumRX

Cardio 4 times a week

Perform a fasted cardio workout! Once you wake up stay hydrated and walk for about 35 minutes at a minimum speed of 3.5 mph. Your target BPM should be 130 – 150. To help bring your BPM up drink AurumRX’s TRUNEGY. With the ingredients offered in their formula, even in a slow cardio speed you will be burning a higher level of calories.

Weight training 4 times a week

Keep workouts simple by doing only 4 workouts per muscle. You can divide the days by doing the following combination of muscles together.

•    Legs & Abs
•    Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
•    Biceps, Back & Abs
•    Forearms, Abs & Butt (Hamstrings)

Allow yourself 1 cheat meal on a Sunday but no alcohol for the first 3 months of starting this diet plan.

Articles by Rocco Miraglia
10+ Years of Nutritional Consulting & Diet Coach  

For more personalized diet/meal plans please contact roc@aurumrx.com

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