Impact of Pokemon Go on Fitness and Social Networking Businesses

Impact of Pokemon Go on Fitness and Social Networking Businesses

Impact of Pokemon Go on Fitness and Social Networking Businesses

Impact of Pokemon Go on Fitness and Social Networking Businesses

After years of success and popularity in the mobile application industry, Nintendo has taken a step forward and converted a cartoon program into an augmented reality game. Right after its launch, Pokemon Go has started to receive an amazing response from all over the world. The idea behind the development of this game is to provide a free-to-play, location-based source of entertainment that uses a mobile phone with its GPS to locate, capture, breed, train and battle the virtual creatures named Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, where the players use their mobile phones’ GPS devices to locate Pokemon that are present anywhere they are moving. With its AR feature, the players have to travel physically to different places and catch Pokemon in order to strengthen their teams with strong creatures. The best part about playing Pokemon Go is that people can spend a significant period of time in walking from one place to the other, meaning that they can take good care of their health without going to gyms.

Although Pokemon Go has good impact over players, it has caused some problems in the fitness and social media businesses. Yes, that’s true! After the launch of Pokemon Go, the fitness industry has experienced a reduction in its overall revenues and the same problem prevails in social media business where, the platforms have reported a significant cut down in their earnings. Let’s have a brief look at the impact of Pokemon Go on both businesses:

Fitness Industry and Pokemon Go

According to the fitness experts, it is necessary for every individual to dedicate some time for his/her own health. For this, there are many gyms that allow people to spend quality time in working out, thus making sure that they can maintain the shape of their bodies and remain healthy and active. These gyms are dedicated to provide a peaceful environment where, the exercisers can feel relaxed and pay attention on their workout. AurumRX can help people to ensure effective performance throughout the workout while there are different types of equipment and exercises that can help people burn their extra calories efficiently. With The Golden Recipe, Trunegy, you can continue hunting for Pokemon while burning extra belly fat and focused on catching them all! Trunegy’s main ingredient, L-Carnitine, converts fat into energy so not only are you burning unwanted fat but you are converting it to energy!

Pokemon Go has turned out to be an effective way to enjoy capturing Pokemon with entertainment and fitness therapy. The AR game allows players to walk physically to the place where, the Pokemon is located. The mobile’s GPS device will guide the players and take them to the location on their feet. While walking on the roads/streets to trace Pokemon, the players are actually burning their calories with entertainment and enjoyment. The best part about playing this game is that it allows players to freely move anywhere they want and in addition to a fitness watch like fitbit or apple watch, they can track their health progress.

Less Traffic on Social Media Platforms

Yes, when people are out to find Pokemon, they do not use social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ etc) that eventually results in reduction of their revenues. What would happen then? Since social media platforms are also the source for different companies to market/advertise their brands, their business would also get affected because when there are fewer users on the social media platforms, they would not be able to publish ads, generate sufficient numbers of leads that can ultimately convert into sales. Not only that, the companies would stop or cut down their marketing expenditures on social media advertising that can affect the earnings of the platforms.

Recent studies have shown that the application has adversely affected the activities of users on social media platforms, meaning that they are more involved in playing the game as compared to using the platforms. Below are the statistics showing impact of this AR game on social networking.

Like every application has positive and negative side, Pokemon Go has also turned out to be useful for some people while, the game has created problems for others. Players are able to enjoy their spare time by capturing Pokemon and can have a sufficient amount of workout without having to worry about their schedule. On the contrary, people, associated with fitness industry and social networking, are concerned about their stability and future however if you are out looking for Pokemon, you are doing great health benefits for your body. People seem to really enjoy spending more time outside catching them all, The only question is what’s next, more applications that will encourage people to be more active?

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