Pokemon Go – Shooing Away from the Gym?

Pokemon Go – Shooing Away from the Gym?

Pokemon Go – Shooing Away from the Gym?

Pokémon Go – Shooing away the gym and social media activities

We all have heard how successful Pokémon GO has been but will you be able to sink in the news if you get to hear that this digital scavenger reality hunt has caused a decline in the numbers of users on social media? Or that people are even leaving their cardio workouts in order to train their collected characters in a mere game? Believe it or not, within a week of its launch, this game craze took over the world by storm and became one of the most popular games ever to be launched on a mobile device.

It has given a reason to the lazy couch potatoes to leave their couches and go outside. Leaving their games behind with eyes glued on their phones, they are seen walking out and trying to catch those hundreds of famous Pokémon characters. The idea of fitness and gaming brought through this virtual reality game has been incredibly groundbreaking. Research has stated that on average, youngsters are seen to be walking for about 45 minutes in a day. While the game has posed some negative effects such as car accidents taking place, or people being robbed while playing the game, Pokémon Go has proved to be better only for those who had a sedentary lifestyle.

On one hand this activity has led people to get out of their homes and start walking whereas, on the other hand people are getting less active to go to their gyms to work out. They now prefer training their virtual Pokémon Go characters rather than themselves. A real life example is of an associated editor of Cosmopolitan– Tess Koman who went so crazy after this game that she quit her gym for a week to catch Pokémon characters. Even though this game has allowed people to keep themselves motivated for walking (which one should actually do every day anyway), the importance of working out at gym should not be looked down upon. The particular exercises for the body parts that one does at gym helps keep one fit but a game that involves staring at a screen constantly for hours and using your fingers on a touch screen certainly cannot.

The increase in exercise has gone across the board but less activity in gym has also caused harm to the fitness industry as trainers are losing their trainees. Pokémon Go could be beneficial for those who are in need to burn their calories but for those who work out regularly at gyms and follow a proper diet, it will not suit them anyway. This is because exercise works best when it is incorporated with a proper diet and a game can never guide them on their dietary needs. Even the fitness experts at AurumRX believes the same and guide their trainees well on keeping the right balance between the two. In general, people are seen  more active playing game while walking and becoming less active to head out for gyms. By taking Trunegy Pre Workout while catching Pokemon, you are helping your body loose the extra belly fat, along with giving yourself more energy to walk around. This Dietary Supplement really does wonders.

Apart from the fitness industry, social media has also been affected since the very first day this game was launched. People have started spending more time on Pokémon GO as compared to Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and even Instagram. The daily user count of Pokémon Go even surpassed the user count of Twitter. In fact, Twitter and Instagram ads now have hundreds of thousands of tweets and posts of Pokémon Go, around 130,000 tweets were reported in only an hour! Where Snapchat stories were all about what’s happening in everyone’s life, it has now changed to “What has been happening in Pokémon Go?”

Even if people are using social media websites, they have relatively more posts regarding Pokémon Go as compared to any other. People are also losing their followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It has even been reported that more time is spent on playing this game than on WhatsApp and Instagram.

In spite of the fact that it had brought positive impact on people, fitness industries and social media websites are getting affected. Users are actively seen playing the game rather than heading out to gyms. The usage of fitness trackers has started to go down. Less activity in gym means lesser number of people joining the gym. This means that the risks in the fitness industry could increase and pose a threat to their sales. Smaller businesses are seem to be benefitting from this game application however larger businesses are not.

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