5 Motivational Tricks for the Gym

5 Motivational Tricks for the Gym

5 Motivational Tricks for the Gym

  1. Connect With Your Why

We are HUGE proponents of finding — and then connecting with — your “why” every day. Why do you want to be healthy and fit? Why do you deserve to make time for workouts? Why are you worth taking care of? Get really honest with yourself and answer those deep questions, and then, every morning, remind yourself of your whys. Finding your deep inner motivation (and everyone’s is a little different!) and keeping it top of mind will go a long way in helping you to not just get motivated, but to stay motivated.

  1. Give It Five

Does the idea of an hour … or even a 30-minute workout … have you saying UGH? Then go with one of our favorite motivational tricks: just commit to five minutes. Yes, five minutes! Hey, you can do anything for five minutes, and often times the hardest part of exercise is just getting started. Once you’re five minutes in, you probably won’t mind going for another five … and then another … and then another!

  1. Grab a Bud

Whether it’s a friend, romantic partner, co-worker or family member, there is power in numbers! And people with workout buddies tend to not only work out more regularly but they also have more fun doing it (okay, so science doesn’t prove that second part, but we know it to be true!).

  1. Set Yourself Up for Success

So much of being fit and healthy is just being prepared. Are you wearing shoes and clothes that allow you to move when the opportunity arises? Do you have access to the right equipment? Are you thinking positive you-can-do-it thoughts? Are you making time for you and your workouts? Just like anything, in the right healthy environment, you’re more likely to thrive!

  1. Use a Mantra

We all have healthy and not-so-healthy days. And that’s cool. That’s life! But if you’re needing an extra motivational kick in the pants, pick a mantra that inspires you. Maybe it’s a quote or a line from a poem or an ad or a phrase you just really like — whatever it is, use it as often as needed.

In addition to these tips, The Golden Recipe – TRUNEGY Pre Workout will always do the trick. It will give you the pump and motivation you need to get through those doors and all the energy you need!

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