The Golden Recipe


The Best Tasting BCAA on the Market- Simple, Effective and Clinically Dosed for Results!

Simple, Effective and Clinically dosed ingredients push you to beat your best, maximize your performance and crush your goals in and out of the gym; all with a cool, refreshing, and unbeatable Passion Fruit taste. The TRUMINO formula is perfected to the microgram to provide an anti-catabolic effect that stops muscular exhaustion and degradation dead in its tracks and directly stimulates massive muscle protein synthesis when taken during and after a workout. TRUMINO is formulated with taurine, which is what we like to call the “monster molecule”. It will awaken and unleash the TRU beast within you and give you the stamina, strength, power and pump that no other supplements on the market can give you. It will give you pinpoint focus and feeling that will send chills down your spine and allow you to get 110% from your workout. AurumRx's BCAA blend is stacked to the max with everything you truly need from your BCAA to become your absolute best and achieve greatness.

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • Taurine


Passion Fruit

Perfectly Blended for the Ultimate Rejuvenating Refreshment

Regardless of the dietary supplement you will try from AurumRX, it will always be refreshing and taste unlike any other product in its line. We take pride in our formulas and even more pride in creating the perfect flavor. The satisfaction you receive from consuming TRUMINO will surprise your taste buds and keep you eager until your next workout for more.

30 Servings

TRUMINO is packed with 30 delicious servings, all with scientifically dosed ingredients. With this Golden Recipe, you are able to drink it before, during or after your workouts. In some cases depending on your training, you can drink it up to three times per day.

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